Centenarians: 100 Year Old Role Models for Ageless Lifestyles

Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey

Host: Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey

Guest: Lynn Peters Adler

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Lynn Peters Adler

Who do you want as a hero—someone who swims six hours a day so he can swim a half second faster than everyone else, someone who is really good at catching a football, or someone who models living a long, healthy, happy life. I think our society is a little nuts with its hero worship of athletes, rock stars, and movie stars. Yes, they can teach us about focus and perseverance, but who can teach us how to live a good life? For that we need role models who have exceptional spiritual depth and deeds. We also need role models for how to navigate the largely unchartered territory of living well into your hundreds.

Centenarians, people 100 years old and older, are those role models. Lynn Peters Adler is has dedicated to documenting their lives and learning their secrets. She is the author of Centenarians: The Bonus Years and is Director of the National Centenarian Awareness Project. She recently played a key role in the Barbara Walters special, How to Live to be 150. And we have a special treat for you—in the second half of the show we will be talking with a centenarian who may have a richer social life than you do. Here are some photos of our centenarian guest Elsa Hoffmann:

centenarian Elsa Hoffmann
centenarian Elsa Hoffmann

Lynn Peters Adler’s website is www.AdlerCentenarians.org The phone number for getting someone 99 years or older on the registry at the National Centenarian Project is 1-800-243-1889. Dr. Brickey’s other webistes are www.DrBrickey.com and www.Anti-Aging-Speaker.com

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