Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Aches, and Pains

Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey

Host: Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey

Guest: Gini Maddocks

Broadcast and podcast on webtalkradio.net. The podcast is also on the links below

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Gini Maddocks

Your body’s tissues other activities. become cold and stiff after being inactive for a mere 12 minutes. Muscles shorten and pull bones together, squishing the cushioning that keeps bones from rubbing against each other and rubbing against cartilage. The result is pain, swollen joints, arthritis and other health problems. Our guest, Gini Maddocks, is a genius at teaching how to prevent this from happening and how to reverse damage that has occurred-and she does it with easy to do, simple, sweatless movements. She is a licensed medical message therapist and the award-winning author of R&R: Rescue and Relief for Computer Users and those at Risk of Repetitive Motion Injury. Today she will help you learn how to be kind to your body and prevent or undo aches and pains from computer use, driving, gardening, and many other activities.

Ms Maddocks’ website is www.holisticmatters.net. Dr. Brickey’s other websites are www.DrBrickey.com and www.Anti-Aging-Speaker.com.

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