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Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey

Holistic Cutting Edge Anti-Aging Thinking on Being Youthful at Every Age

America’s preeminent Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey, interviews experts on what it takes to live longer, healthier, and happier. The program takes a holistic approach in addressing anti-aging psychology, alternative medicine, medicine, fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. The emphasis is on innovative thinking and practices that have solid data and results. An Oprah-featured author, Dr. Brickey works include Defy Aging, 52 baby steps to Grow Young, Reverse Aging, and the free biweekly Defy Aging Newsletter. The weekly shows are broadcast on webtalkradio.net and podcasts of programs remain there for eight weeks.This site archives shows allowing you to hear programs, read transcripts of the shows, and get more background information on the guests.



  1. John Robinson

    Hello! I am a clinical psychologist, interfaith minister, author and certified “boomer” with two new books out on the psychology and spirituality of aging (see http://www.johnrobinson.org). This topic doesn’t seem to garner the attention I think it deserves, though your site is refreshingly psychological. Still I was wondering if there might be a way to connect with your show. Do you review books? Would you interested in an interview? Thanks for your time. Best wishes, John

  2. Dr. Brickey

    Hi John,
    I too am surprised that the psychology of aging well doesn’t get more traction. Almost all of the podcasts I do on webtalkradio.net / agelesslifestyles are in-depth interviews with experts, most of who are authors. I reviewed info on your books on Amazon.com, but still didn’t get a good feel for them and the uniqueness of your message. Feel free to give me a call some evening 614=237=4556 I’m in the Eastern Time zone. Between 7:30PM and 11PM is usually a good time.

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