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Everyone Hates to Get Old Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey Keeps Your Audience Youthful

Yikes! We’re getting older:

  • Most people are aging unnecessarily.
  • Learning your Anti-Aging ABCs (Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills) is easy, painless, and free.
  • People in their hundreds are teaching college, practicing medicine, painting, sculpting, writing best sellers, even fathering children. Would you like to know their secrets?
  • Only 30% of your longevity is genetic. That means 70% is mental and lifestyle. Developing a youthful mindset is best learned a small step at a time.

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Info on52 baby steps to Grow Young

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Dr. Michael Brickey

  • Dr. Brickey is an APA Fellow and Board Certified Psychologist with more than 30 years of clinical experience.
  • His first book, Defy Aging, gave the research, theory, and how-to for living well into your hundreds. It was featured on Oprah, CNN and the Voice of America. It was a Finalist in ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year awards.
  • His newest book (Jan. 2005) makes it even easier—just two pages a week. It has been endorsed by Art Linkletter, Nido Qubein, the President and five Past Presidents of the 150,000 member American Psychological Association.
  • In promoting his first book, he did more than 100 radio and TV interviews.


  • Why you are aging too fast.
  • What to say when someone asks how old you are.
  • Twelve social perks of being over 60.
  • How you can slow aging.
  • How your memories affect how fast you age.
  • Why “senior moments” are bull.
  • How centenarians (people 100+ years old) are writing best selling books, graduating from college, running for Congress, teaching college, practicing medicine, sculpting, dancing, painting, and even fathering children.
  • Why George Burns died.
  • How humor can help you stay youthful.
  • What it takes to be married for 100 years.
  • How the “Rule of Thirds” can help you stay youthful.
  • The 10 most important coping skills to avoid aging.
  • How to resiliently handle family and friends dying.
  • Why you should never retire.
  • Why retiring can cause you to age rapidly.
  • What your greatest health risk is.
  • Why our life spans jumped 47% in the last century and will continue to skyrocket.
  • Why people and cats are living ]so much longer.
  • Why 50,000 Baby Boomers will live to 150 and still be sharp mentally and physically.
  • Why the Census Bureau says we will have more than a million Americans 100 years and older in less then 50 years.
  • Why you should not try to be happy.
  • How believing in compressed morbidity can help you age well.
  • What the Energizer Bunny can teach you about aging well.
  • How you can move better than most teenagers.
  • What Bob Hope can teach you about aging well.
  • How Helen Hayes’ beliefs about aging can help you age well.
  • How and why you should never wait.
  • How the Department of Defense’s PR gimmick gives you a trick for appreciating life more.

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