Defy Aging Quiz

Michael Brickey, Ph.D., ABPP

1. Do you believe and accept compliments?

2. Do you have at least one passionate interest?

3. Have you laughed out loud in the last 24 hours?

4. Do you spend at least a half an hour a day reading for enjoyment?

5. When someone disappoints you, do you let it go within a week?

6. Do you breathe deeply at least a few minutes every day?

7. Do you have a sense of purpose in your life?

8. Do you engage in an activity several times a week that get you in a relaxed state?

9. When you talk to yourself, is most of the conversation positive?

10. Do you think next year will be better than this year?

Count your yes answers.

9-10   You have excellent Mental ABCs (Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills) and are aging well.

6-8   You are off to a good start—developing your Mental ABC would be very helpful.

4-5   Your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills are limiting your health, happiness, and longevity.

0-3   You probably feel older than your age. Try one step at a time—adopting one Defy Aging belief every   few weeks.

For more detailed information and analysis, see the 42-item Defy Aging Test and interpretation.

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