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Mission: longevity, health, and happiness

The Ageless Lifestyles Institute provides research, speaking, publishing, and coaching services to blaze new trails for  increasing longevity and helping people live longer, healthier, and happier. The anti aging approach is holistic wellness with an emphasis on what it takes mentally and emotionally. In short we help people grow young and live on purpose.

Vision of an Ageless Society

In his “I have a dream” speech Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision of racial equality and harmony. While there is still much to be done, much of his vision has been manifested. Let me share my vision of the future ageless society.

In this vision, the world has become an even more magnificent feast of information, activities, and ideas–a playground inviting us to gather some playmates and play. Americans have outgrown the youth cult culture and appreciate people of all ages. We have become an ageless society. With hormone replacements, wrinkle removing, and other medical advances, it’s often hard to tell how old someone is anyway. There are centenarians who look, move, and think like 30-year-olds. After childhood age has become meaningless. People are valued for their qualities and contributions rather than their age or color. One hundred is as common as 65 was at the turn of the century. With so much change, people increasingly appreciate the continuity and perspective that experienced people offer. The Mentors for Families Foundation has facilitated many older people “adopting” children and families to be surrogate grandparents and mentors for struggling families.

Many people pursue serial careers and their cross-pollinating of ideas has become one of the most generative sources of innovation. The very fluid job market rewards workers according to their skills, talent, character, and services. Many people are self-employed.  Most older Americans are financially comfortable enough that they feel they can afford to invest in health, fitness, relationships, helping others, and making a contribution. Centenarians are valued members of society who share their talents and wisdom in profit, nonprofit, and volunteer settings. With so much change people find comfort in leadership by experienced people just as millions were comforted by hearing the evening news by Walter Cronkite, news analysis by Daniel Shore, or leadership by President Reagan.

As the hippie movement in the 1960s and the environmental movement of the 1980s produced a shift in values and consciousness, the whole person movement of the 2010s shifted the focus from materialism to integration of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Brain wave biofeedback devices help people better identify and choose their emotional states and moods. Like dentist visits, most doctor visits are for checkups, monitoring, early detection, and prophylaxis. Telehealth monitoring helps with early identification of problems. Checkups are proactive consultations on how to be as fit and healthy as possible (as opposed to just checking for diseases). Anti-aging medicine is the most common medical specialty. Hearing and vision problems are readily treatable. Genetic engineering corrects a lot of health problems before they are manifested. Cancer, heart problems, and diabetes are as manageable or treatable as tuberculosis. Physicians and the public have a much better understanding of how the mind and body are one system.

In the 1990s more and more college students were over thirty.  Now half of college students are over fifty. Learning technologies have made it easier to learn information and to understand complex relationships. Brain wave biofeedback devices help people access optimal learning states. The world=s best teachers use virtual reality demonstrations to aid learning. Computer chip implants help people supplement their brains with information and information processing skills. Campuses, neighborhoods, and organizations have more of a mix of ages than ever before. With most of the population over forty, television, radio, and the new forms of media are offering very diverse and more sophisticated programs at a wide variety of intellectual levels. Information and programs are available on demand 24 hours a day at home. We not only have achieved greater longevity, we have achieve an ageless society.


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