Defy Aging ABCs

The Anti-Aging ABCs® (Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills)


  1. Optimism
  2. Gratitude
  3. Embracing lifelong learning and change
  4. Dealing with it (vs. obsessing, procrastinating, worrying, and holding onto resentments)


  1. My mind is a muscle and I keep it strong and fit my whole life.
  2. I can have a sexually fulfilling life my whole life.
  3. I practice continuous quality improvement with my mental and physical health.
  4. I listen to my body and proactively foster good health.
  5. I always have a mission.
  6. I search for the smart way to do things.
  7. My mind, body, and spirit are constantly renewing themselves.
  8. I cultivate my sense of humor.
  9. I cultivate a positive vocabulary.
  10. I cultivate fond memories and let bad memories wither.
  11. Any suggestions of surgery or medication prompt a search for alternative solutions.
  12. I move like a 20-year-old.
  13. I exercise my eyes to improve my vision.
  14. I am a lifelong learner.
  15. Every age has its benefits.
  16. I expect to have an enjoyable, exciting life at 150.
  17. I am a trailblazer who leaves behind conventional thinking about longevity.
  18. I have a serenity about outliving most people I know.
  19. I make new friends all my life.
  20. I’m really younger than my chronological age.
  21. I pace myself—I’m going to be around a long time.
  22. I choose life enhancing risks and reduce risks with little benefit.
  23. I use the serenity prayer to give me perspective.
  24. I am cheerful.
  25. I have a contingency fund.
  26. I observe and follow what works for me rather than blindly following generic or expert advice.
  27. The resources for living longer are improving every year.
  28. There are no accidents in life.
  29. I don’t need many material things to make me happy and successful.
  30. If I intelligently pursue what I love, the money will come.
  31. People want to help.
  32. I can get everything in life I want if I just help enough other people get what they want.
  33. If I focus on my vision and mission the resources I will find the resources.
  34. Anything I need to know is available to me—in a book, library, the Internet, other people, or myself.
  35. Most problems are just inconveniences or challenges.
  36. We are fortunate to live in a longevity revolution.
  37. [Since writing Defy Aging, I added:]
  38. I am part of a community.
  39. Life is fun.

Coping Skills

  1. Continually renewing my sense of purpose
  2. Having a serenity about the deaths of friends and family
  3. Embracing lifelong learning and change
  4. Developing and sustaining a rewarding marriage or dealing effectively with intimate relations beginning and ending

From: Defy Aging: Develop the Mental and Emotional Vitality to Live Longer, Healthier and Happier than You Ever Imagined
by Michael Brickey, Ph.D.

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