How to Use Anti-Aging Psychology to Be More Youthful

Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey

Special Edition: Stephen Ladd interviews Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey

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Stephen Ladd

A big part of aging as little as possible is a mind game. Indeed only 30% of aging is genetic. The rest is how you think and the choices you make. How do you win the mind game? In this special edition of Ageless Lifestyles, Stephen Ladd interviews me on the how to use anti-aging psychology to think, feel, look, and be more youthful. The focus is on my Anti-Aging ABCs® (Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills) and practical beliefs shifts you can use instantly.

The special offer link for Ageless Lifestyles listeners is at the bottom of (offer no longer active). Dr. Brickey’s other websites are and

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