Change Your Genetic Destiny, Reprogram Your Genes

Anti-Aging Psychologist, Dr. Michael Brickey

Host: Anti-Aging Psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey

Guest: Dr. Vincent Giampapa

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Dr. Vincent Giampapa

Most people think their parents shuffled the genetic deck and dealt a sperm and egg that determined their genetic destiny. Dr. Vincent Giampapa teaches how you can have a lot of influence on what genes get turned on and off. This in turn has a big effect on your health and longevity. Rather than a fixed destiny, your genes continuously dialogue with what is happening in your body and to in your environment. Dr. Giampapa is a renowned plastic surgeon and one of the six founding member of the 20,000 member American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Learn how you can influence which genes of your genes are on and off. Dr. Giampapa’s websites are:

Dr. Brickey’s websites other websites are and

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